About Smart Hamilton

All over the world local authorities are seeking to develop their cities into 'smart cities'. Hamilton City Council is going a step further and is working to build a 'smart society' within our city and across the region.

Talking about being smart doesn’t mean we’re not already doing really smart things – we are!

It shows our intent to continually look at how we can work smarter as an organisation and community, no matter how well we’re doing.

In a nutshell, 'smart' for us is about thinking differently and working better for the community. It's challenging the status quo and encouraging innovation that generates positive change for the people of Hamilton and the Waikato.

Smart societies make the most of innovation, technology and partnerships to serve their community. They are places that value people first and see innovation as key to driving change and better outcomes for the current and future community. Smart societies are built with the community to:

  • improve the liveability and experience of a city or place
  • increase the availability of good data for decision-making
  • optimise and leverage available resources
  • creatively solve collective challenges

In traditional smart city development, technology has a central role. However, building a smart society is not just about technology and digital devices, it’s also about better interactions with our community, collaboration and any innovation (digital or non-digital) that can improve the experience of a place and the services people use.

It’s also about being inclusive. This means creating a society that is not only designed for those who are tech-savvy, able bodied and financially secure, but one that supports better tech literacy, accessibility and actively seeks to wrap ‘smart’ benefits around those who do not, or cannot, access new technologies or service models.

Our approach to becoming a smart society begins with fostering a ‘smart mindset’ and supporting innovation. A smart mindset is a way of thinking and working that we intend to demonstrate in everything we do. For us, a smart mindset is shown through:

  • connected people, technologies, working together, sharing information and resources
  • freedom to dream, thinking differently, trying new ideas, taking risks and actively pursuing innovation
  • maximising opportunities for collaboration and innovation to ensure projects and services are realising their full potential and impact
  • community-led problem definition and prioritisation, solution development and testing

Smart Hamilton is about encouraging this mindset and supporting innovation that improves the wellbeing of the community, enables better decision-making and responds effectively to our greatest challenges.

The possibilities of building a smart society are endless and we’re excited to take this journey with you. We’re always happy to hear of new ideas, innovations and potential opportunities to partner on smart projects.

So, what are you waiting for? Pop in and see us at the Smart Space or email smart.hamilton@hcc.govt.nz