Outcomes & Objectives

Building a smart society must start with the community's needs.  We need to understand where we want to be and what we hope to achieve - these are our outcomes and objectives.

The Smart Hamilton programme aims to deliver Council's community outcomes by achieving a number of aligned Smart Hamilton objectives and outcomes. You can find more about these here.

A great river city

We embrace our natural environment and have green spaces, features and community facilities that make Hamilton a great place to live, work, play and visit.

Smart Hamilton objectives:

  • The community is supported to innovate and work with us to build a smart, liveable, inclusive city and region - we are community-led.
  • People experience life in the city with ease.
  • Information is shared openly and enables better everyday decisions.
  • Hamiltonians see their city as forward thinking and punching above its weight.

A city that embraces growth

We have infrastructure that meets our current demands, supports growth and helps build a strong economy.

Smart Hamilton objectives:

  • Our social, economic, cultural and natural assets are strengthened through innovation and collaboration.

A Council that is best in business

We are customer focused, financially sustainable and have the best people delivering the best outcomes for the city.

Smart Hamilton objectives:

  • Those who use our services help us to define issues and design solutions that work for them - we are customer-centric.