In operation

LED street lights

Completion of the business case to upgrade high-pressure sodium street lights to LED. Also considered the case for controlled street lights and other Smart Hamilton applications.

Smart Parking

Replacing existing parking meters with new technology which allow more flexibility in how parking is managed and the provision of real time parking is managed the provision of real time parking availability to the public.

Sustainable transport

In partnership with WEL Networks a number of electric vehicle charging stations will be installed across the city making them more accessible to the public. We're also investigating electric bike options for the city.

Open data portal

Development of an open data portal where datasets can be made available to the public. This includes development of an open data policy and identification of possible datasets.

Point of service customer surveys

Asking service users about their experience of our services when, or just after, they have used them, gives us important insight to improve our service or understand what we need to change to make doing business with us easier.


Creation of an interactive space to engage on innovation, for the community to participate in defining problems and finding solutions and to test smart technologies. It is also a place to showcase smart initiatives and tell stories of innovation from within our city and the wider region.

In progress

Culture of innovation

Building a culture of innovation at Hamilton City Council through a series of initiatives to encourage innovative ideas which benefit the community.


Mobile apps are being considered across a range of council areas for information, parking, research, services and more. Coordinating those efforts will result in better user experience and more streamlined development.

Digital services

Development of digital services and workforce mobility to improve the services we offer our customers. For example, online applications process for building consents.

Advanced transport operations

Developing intelligent transport systems, in collaboration with regional partners, to improve the travel experience of the community.

Optimised CCTV network

Looking at ways our CCTV network can be optimised to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of existing resource and systems to achieve the best possible service and safety for our community. How we can use the network to generate better data and insight to improve planning is another opportunity.

Smart collective

Hamilton and regional industry and community leaders coming together to identify opportunities for collaboration, leveraging resource and knowledge and skill sharing.

Citizen mobility

Looking at a range of alternative modes of travel and systems that complement existing transport options and improve the choice people have in getting around our city in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

New / Scoping

IOT Network

Council telemetry system to enable better data collection and management of remote field services such as water meters, street lights, air quality sensors.

Ethical procurement

Developing procurement policies and processes that better support our innovative local social enterprises and in doing so supports the communities they provide services for.

Innovative infrastructure

Considering a variety of ways, we can optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of our infrastructure, its operation and the way people experience it.