Garden Place now has its very own Smart Space — a space where everyone can
come together to share ideas, solve problems and collaborate.

The Smart Space project stems from a programme – entitled Smart Hamilton - led by Hamilton City Council to develop and embrace technology and innovation to serve the community and make cities more liveable places.

What is the smart space?

An interactive space to engage in innovation, for the community to participate in defining problems and finding solutions and to test smart technologies. It’s also a place for the Council and a wide range of public and industry partners to showcase smart initiatives and tell stories of innovation from within our city and the wider region.

The Space will change displays and feature new projects every few months to represent the great diversity of innovation happening in the Waikato.

What you will find in the space

The magic of Tōia Mai

Find out how Tōia Mai, a highly interactive 7-foot-high waka sculpture standing at Hamilton’s Ferrybank Reserve, uses sensor technology to reflect kaupapa Maaori concepts of interconnectedness and tell the Matariki story.

Wise water

Water is at times a scarce resource and as demand rises optimizing usage and ensuring effective management is vital and this is where technology can assist. Smart meters can be deployed across commercial operations to enable utilities to track flow, understand usage, and identify leaks, in real time to better manage delivery and use of water.

Facial recognition

The facial recognition booth provides an opportunity to get up close and personal with a working demonstration of computer vision. Demystify the technology, learn about possible applications and give us feedback on where you think this technology may be useful.

A sensitive solution

See how smart sensors and data analytics are being used in real life scenarios to improve convenience, health and safety in residential situations and maximise performance, efficiency and productivity in commercial environments and service delivery.


Looking at ways our CCTV network can be optimised to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of existing resource and systems to achieve the best possible service and safety for our community. How we can use the network to generate better data and insight to improve planning is another opportunity.


The Space and this website will continue to evolve. In the future you can expect to see a programme of events to be run out of the space, news and updates, changing displays, information on other innovation activities in Hamilton and across the region and more – so watch this Space!