Garden Place now has its very own Smart Space.

It's a space where everyone can come together to share stories of innovation, ideas, solve problems and collaborate.

The Smart Space is supported by Hamilton City Council’s Smart Hamilton programme which is all about supporting innovation that’s good for the community.

What is the smart space?

An interactive space to engage in innovation, for the community to put forward ideas and identify challenges as well as work together on finding solutions to these and testing out new initiatives and smart technologies. 

It’s also a place for the Council and a wide range of public and industry partners to showcase smart initiatives and tell stories of innovation from within our city and the wider region. 

The Space will change displays and feature new projects every few months to represent the great range of innovation happening in the Waikato.

It’s early days at the Space. We’re seeing how people engage with it, how they want to use it - what works, what doesn’t. So come on down, try it out and let us know what you think.

A taste of what you will find in the space

Flying into the future

Unmanned aircraft, more commonly known as drones, are very popular for recreational and business use. When fitted with a high-quality camera, they can capture detailed images and video footage and they offer invaluable capabilities and benefits from a health and safety perspective.

Take a closer look at an industrial drone and find out how drones are being used in local government and commercial environments.

Bringing the birdsong back

The Cacophony Project, which features staff from Wintec, is tackling the threat of introduced predators to New Zealand’s native birds. To measure the effectiveness of the project’s trapping methods, the team is analysing birdsong using machine learning to see if native species grow in number over time.

The assistance of assistants

The Aider small business assistant combines the power of data-led decision making with the convenience of voice assistant technology. Aider connects an array of business apps in one place and respond to text or voice questions about sales, staffing, cashflow, marketing and more.

Loop carshare

On average, car owners use their car for only 4% of the time they own it. Loop has brought the car-sharing movement to Hamilton, allowing users to hire a car by the minute, hour or overnight via an app on their phone. Loop is a move away from a ‘pay-to-own’ model to a more efficient ‘pay-to-use’ model helping to reduce traffic congestion, car emissions and reliance on vehicle ownership.

Now that’s a smart shirt

Researchers at The University of Waikato are engineering hi-tech solutions to keep forestry workers safe on the job, including a shirt that features sensors to monitor indicators of fatigue or dehydration.

How many people visit the space?

Using computer vision techniques, including harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, Aware Group is providing data about the number of visitors to the Smart Space. This information, without identifying individuals, is available in real-time and is also stored to help us with our planning.



Whether it's exploring the Space and displays with our simple scavenger worksheet, developing your own case study on one of our displays then coming in to see it in action, learning about the power of collaborative thinking with a Smart Storming session or, for older students, an introduction to design thinking.

You can do it all in the Space - talk to us about the best visit for you.



The Space and this website will continue to evolve.

In the future you can expect to see a programme of events to be run out of the space, news and updates, changing displays, information on other innovation activities in Hamilton and across the region and more...

So watch this Space!